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Zoom’s security issues analysed

Bradley Rose | 27 Apr, 2020 | Return|

Zoom bombing has been a risk

Zoom’s security issues analysed

The Zoom videoconferencing app has grown its user base significantly since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown. Businesses and families alike have been using it as an important tool for maintaining contact. However, this popularity has brought several security issues to the surface, potentially damaging Zoom’s reputation.

Basically, the app has expanded too fast, which has created security issues which Zoom technicians have been trying desperately to fix. They claim that the issues should be overcome within the next few days.

What are the issues?

There have been several security concerns, which have been intensified with the app’s sudden increase in exposure. One of these issues is about hacking, as seen during a Scottish swimming session work out. This activity is known as zoom bombing and has caused distress to those targeted.

The app was also criticised after it emerged that some meeting data could have been routed through servers in China.

Information-security professionals have said that Zoom's security has been open to errors, but that the Zoom organisation has been working hard to rectify the problems.

How will they be fixed?

On the 22nd of April Zoom said it had reached a "key milestone" in its promise to make the video conferencing app more secure, announcing the upcoming launch of a new version of the software.

Zoom 5 will be available this week, and will include an upgraded encryption standard, a new, clearer security icon to access the safety settings, a tool to report users and new password controls.

There is no doubting that Zoom remains the most user-friendly videoconferencing service on the market and has become a crucial communications tool during the current pandemic. And if these fixes are successful, they will go far in restoring Zoom’s reputation as a safe platform to use.

Our verdict

Throughout all of this, there has been a feeling Zoom could have prevented these problems and the subsequent backlash they have caused through testing any potential security flaws during the development of the app.

However, the negative feedback towards the app, while warranted, may have been excessive due to its huge number of users. The negative press has evidently not put people off using it as its user base has recently grown to 300 million!

In our opinion, we would still recommend Zoom as a viable videoconferencing tool, as we did in our website article on the comparison of like for like devices.

Of course, the security provided by any online device is vital and there are many problems that can arise after this type of product is launched. So, if you are having any security issues with your apps, websites, or emails then our team at BBI will be happy to hear from you today.


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