Ronnie Gunn

Ronnie Gunn

As Head of Communications, Ronnie focuses on content writing, PR and media relations. Throughout a long journalistic and business career, he has developed an exceptional talent for spotting a good story and knowing how to tell it. His varied experience allows him to understand complex technical subjects like precision engineering and appreciate the key selling points of consumer markets such as travel.

Quote: “Businesspeople are heavily involved with day-to-day activities and long-term planning. Frequently, an informed outsider can identify a company activity or policy that they may have overlooked which can have a real impact on building positive brand awareness. This is what I try to do.”


Articles by Ronnie Gunn


A new app has attracted 18 million users to acquire nourishing leftover food at discounted prices from its associated outlets.


Any rebranding process needs careful research and effective strategic planning before implementation as the story of Looka will show.


When you come upon a blog post titled “Five Ways Social Media is Ruining Your Business” it is difficult to ignore.



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