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Brandboost Credits is a system where we carry out different amounts of marketing activity for clients over the course of a year, for a fixed monthly fee. 

By combining any online marketing services we offer throughout the financial year, Brandboost Credits can allow businesses an exceptional level of flexibility in their online marketing while providing a manageable cash flow.

Combining flexible marketing with budget and cash flow control, Brandboost Credits allows you to maximise your activity without impacting on your monthly spend.

Finance Directors

If you are responsible for a strategic marketing budget, possibly as a Finance or Managing Director, Brandboost Credits could work in your favour when it comes to planning and carrying out large online campaigns without impacting the cash flow, or P&L of your company.

By maintaining a fixed retainer, Brandboost Credits allows you to choose certain months where you will be heavily serviced, and others were you will just need to maintain the minimum servicing, so that your retainer is fixed while your campaigns have complete flexibility throughout the year.

For finance directors Brandboost Credits could help with annual cashflow and P&L

Marketing Managers

If you are charged with implementing a marketing programme with a fixed monthly budget that cannot be exceeded, Brandboost Credits is the perfect solution. By maintaining your monthly budget, our service can enable you to flex your campaign in accordance with your needs.

This can work particularly well for those who are looking for large scale campaigns at certain times of the year, whilst paying the same amount month on month. By selecting any of our services, from SEO to Web development, Brandboost Credits can flex to your business needs.

For marketing managers Brandboost Credits can help with monthly budgeting for big campaigns


To summarise, our services can ensure that you have the campaigns and servicing your business requires, without worrying about your cash flow or P&L. If your company needs a push for SEO, website design or online marketing campaigns, this can be done when you need it, without effecting your monthly retainer.


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