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E-commerce website design delivers many benefits to businesses, such as faster buying and selling, easy to find products and 24 hour availability. As well as this, it can extend your customer base with low operational costs and easy to manage business transactions.

Being able to order products from online shops, catalogues and retail website sections is an attractive benefit for business users as well as consumers. By tailoring our e-commerce platforms to your demands, we can enhance brand awareness and boost SEO rankings.

A high performance e-commerce presence can provide you with a wider range of customers and prospects with no geographical limitations. The world can become your marketplace. 

What is more, while the setup of an e-commerce website is quite a complex undertaking - one that requires a skilled team of developers - once an online store is up and running, maintaining it is straightforward. After the team at BBI Brandboost has built and launched your e-commerce website, you will easily be able to add and remove products, update prices, adjust stock levels and do all of the day-to-day tasks that will enable your business to succeed online.

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Why Choose BBI Brandboost?

BBI Brandboost’s e-commerce web design creates solutions customised for client businesses and the online ordering demands of their target users. We will take the time to understand your business, and utilise the appropriate features of our e-commerce software to deliver the best solutions for you.

Having worked in many industry sectors, we know how to reach different target audiences and give them an exceptional user experience. Additionally, being adept in Search Engine Optimisation, we can create appropriate formatting and SEO rich content to drive traffic to your site.

BBI Brandboost can build standalone e-commerce sites from scratch or as a bolt-on facility for existing websites. Our solutions are easy to administer and responsively designed for desktop and mobile users. We also ensure that the sites are fully scalable, so that if required our clients can start from just a few products and then grow as the business expands and demand increases.

BBI Brandboost utilises tried and tested software, in order to create successful e-commerce functions for a wide range of applications, tailored to your business needs. The software we use can not only simplify business transactions across complex product ranges but can also meet the diverse needs of your target customers.

Why choose BBI Brandboost to design your E-commerce platform
Our E-commerce services include

Our Services Include

  • Creating an e-commerce site tailored to meet business needs both nationally and globally.
  • Understanding the e-commerce market as it applies to different sectors.
  • Meeting SEO objectives through utilising features in the e-commerce platform architecture.
  • Producing user friendly systems that are easy to manage and update.
  • Delivering functionality to improve customer service experience.
  • Ensuring safe transactions through security procedures.
  • Utilising features to deliver the best practice and regulatory compliance.


Magento is BBI Brandboost’s preferred e-commerce platform, providing an excellent UX for business users and consumers alike. It offers exceptional functionality for our customised e-commerce website design projects, providing the ideal environment for sites to be developed in line with expanding product ranges and the demands of their target markets.

The platform is equally viable for small businesses and large scale enterprises and it is Magento’s stated aim to provide B2B customers with a B2C user experience. As specialists in B2B e-commerce web design, we can confirm this has been achieved with the sites and functions we have developed to meet the individual specifications of our clients.

Read more about why we use Magento here.

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