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Intranets & Extranets

Our Services Include:

  • Understanding business objectives: We take the time to talk to you and understand what your long term goals are.
  • Scoping out solutions: Once we’ve understood your needs, we can begin to scope out solutions to ensure your internal communication is more streamlined.
  • Designing info-structure: From here, BBI Brandboost can begin to design your info-structure, detailing your requirements.
  • Building content population: Using either client supplied content or content produced by our in-house team of experienced copywriters, we will populate your intranet or extranet site ready for launch.
  • Permission and security: By understanding your business, we can implement security barriers to ensure the relevant employees have access to the relevant information.
  • Design intranet aesthetics: Designing an intranet in line with your brand and company ethos is important, and we ensure the design and aesthetics of the site is right for you.
  • Delivering training and support to our clients: To ensure your platform is being utilised to its full potential, BBI Brandboost also offer training and support when the job is done.

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Intranets & Extranets Development Services

Intranets and extranets are invaluable channels for restricted communications across local and global locations. These sites can promote corporate communications, workforce collaboration and in doing so increase the productivity of an organisation. They provide a communication hub, where employees and colleagues can share updates of corporate events and meetings, outstanding tasks, group discussions and relevant news.

Additionally, setting up an intranet can streamline processes internally, from employee appraisals, to CRM and project management. It can allow employees and employers to share important documents, advertise new initiatives and policies and even gather feedback or suggestions for internal improvements.

As restricted access user networks, intranets and extranets can also provide exclusive access for staff and other stakeholders to information and services. This means storing important information online can be managed and monitored, to ensure only those with the authority to view certain files, can do so.

Intranets and Extranets developed by BBI Brandboost

Why Choose BBI Brandboost?

Why choose BBI Brandboost for Intranet and Extranet Development

BBI Brandboost can assist clients in setting up an intranet or upgrading an existing system to meet business and HR objectives.

Our technical operations team are experienced in developing and tailoring responsive intranet solutions in order to fulfil for your business needs. We pride ourselves in veering away from generic approaches when it comes to intranet design and development, and take the time to understand your business needs, in order to provide the best platform for your organisation. Taking this time, allows us to fully comprehend your business and help you achieve your goals, through intricate design and user friendly sites.

Through utilising our creative and technical team, we are able to create a communication channel that encourages two-way connections, collaborations and information sharing between co-workers, on whatever device they wish to use.

Furthermore, BBI Brandboost ensure that your staff receive training and support in order to maintain and fully utilise the software. At BBI Brandboost we base our work on the principles of delivering quick and concise information in a format that can be digested and easily navigated, irrespective of location.

An intranet can be a cost effective and time efficient tool

A company intranet is like a website that can only be accessed by a company's employees. Everything from company rules and procedures to photos from the Christmas party can be published on an intranet, safe from the prying eyes of the outside world. Installing an effective intranet can be a cost effective and time efficient tool, when compared to expensive hardware and software previously used for internal communications.

We can either develop a custom intranet system for your company, or adapt our recommended content management system - DNN (DotNetNuke) - to ensure that the ideal communications solution is achieved.

Through the use of intranets and extranets, many businesses have improved internal communications and managed to share internal resources more effectively. Our intranet clients also report that they have been able to engender greater collaboration between teams, through building internal online communities for projects. Within these teams, staff buy-in is often very good - employees gain a better understanding of how their work contributes to the success of a business, and this in turn creates a greater sense of team togetherness.


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