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Mobile Website Design

mobile website designWhile there is huge scope for responsive design to display business information on the web, this does not detract from the value of mobile website design for specific online requirements.

For certain website requirements a separate and distinct mobile site can work well.

In fact, mobile website design can come into its own for a diverse range of reasons.

For example

  • When websites supply information such as locations and costs - mobile website design is ideally structured for people who need answers fast rather than those researching for general information
  • When an existing website has complex content and it might be more cost efficient and user friendly to start a separate mobile site from scratch
  • When priorities are different for desktop or mobile visitors – e.g. mobile website design can be an invaluable option when store locations are particularly important for a mobile user but require less prominence on a desktop site
  • When web design strategies require a difference in style, such as making the mobile site more like an app. BBI Brandboost provides expertise and experience in the design and production of mobile apps as well as mobile websites.

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