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Module Development

BBI Brandboost can enhance the scope and functionality of your website with the latest custom modules. Our experience extends from creating sophisticated engineering calculators backed by complex mathematics to producing useful tools to help web users to access information with ease.

Our preferred platform for module development is DNN (aka DotNetNuke) and our DyNNamite division specialises in using DNN for this purpose as well as all other areas of web design and development. We find that DNN with its modular framework is ideally suited to offering the flexibility and scalability that our clients require for their websites.

However, we are equally familiar with creating and supplying custom modules using other platforms such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. Our technical skills and hands-on experience give us the scope to undertake projects in every web development environment.

From consultation to installation and beyond

Every client requirement is different and unique to their business, but the process followed by BBI Brandboost for module development is similar in each case

  • The needs of the client are identified after close consultation, briefing and research
  • The project scope is then developed and reviewed with the client
  • When the details have been agreed we will produce a quotation for the project. No charge is made for the initial work undertaken up to this point
  • After the quote has been signed off by the client for approval, the module is built and thoroughly tested
  • When all the required functionality is in place, the module can be integrated into the client’s website
  • Following deployment of the module, BBI Brandboost can provide ongoing client support

Successful targeting

The aim of module development is to improve the user experience (UX) of a website, frequently providing opportunities for increased online interaction.

Specialising in B2B websites across many different sectors, we are particularly conscious of the need to focus on the specific target audiences that clients wish to attract. Performance and purpose are equally important. Modules must not only function well but also be on the site for a good reason.

Positive engagement is generated through meeting a demand and doing so in a way that makes the UX pleasurable and encourages repeated engagement with the client site. 

Targeted module development provides continual ways to successfully innovate and update website content and functionality. It is an essential element in enhancing relationships with customers and stakeholders.

Contact BBI Brandboost on 01494 452600 or by email to discover how innovative website modules can stimulate interaction and engagement with your targeted web users. 


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