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ANR Manufacturing Website Case Study

ANR Manufacturing Website Project OverviewANR Manufacturing is a local electronics engineering and manufacturing company that we have been in contact with for about 10 years. About two years ago they approached BBI Brandboost to design a new website for them as their current site was outdated and not delivering the results that they wanted.

They were also initiating a complete corporate rebranding and the company decided that the new website should be the final element in this process. After presenting a choice of design options to the client, we decided in consultation on a fully responsive website design (RWD) solution.

The site is easy to navigate and exceptional for its striking high quality images. Information and visuals also communicate to key audiences the kind of exciting high tech applications that ANR manufacturing is involved in across a range of key sectors. We believe that provides content that reflects the client’s high standards of service and expertise to perfection.

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