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E-commerce Development and Corporate Branding Case Study

Cambridge Nutritional Sciences Ltd (CNS) is a leading immunodiagnostics specialist focusing primarily on the detection of immune reactions to food, often described as food intolerance or food sensitivity. CNS had commissioned an agency to produce an e-commerce site where tests could be purchased, with separate sections for practitioners, distributors and the general public.

However, due to delays in the scheduled finish of the website the agency who originally worked on it were no longer able to complete it. CNS approached BBI Brandboost on the recommendation of one of our satisfied clients, who testified to our technical abilities, quality of support and appreciation of the importance of corporate style and branding when it came to web design projects.

We have worked for clients in the field of immunodiagnostics and biotechnology for a number of years, so we were quickly able to fully understand the requirements of the client and the site users. We then prepared to set things right.

The Work

BBI Brandboost has the capabilities to work with any system and deliver a solution. The e-commerce site was built on the Shopify platform, which offers good facilities for managing orders, shipping and payments. The client could be reassured that we had no problems with the system in place.

We carried out the technical fixes to ensure that the site performed perfectly and delivered a user experience of the highest quality. This included the development of a bespoke module specifically for the benefit of practitioner users.


Turning to the presentation of the site, using our specialist web design skills, we created a striking home page storyboard of images representing a journey to success through the application of food sciences. Throughout the site, we selected a striking colour pallet to complement the corporate green, designed attractive new icons and lozenges and ensured that the corporate logo and styling was sharp and clean.



The previous agency had been responsible for the corporate brand guidelines for CNS, but these were incomplete. We completed the unfinished work and advised the client using these guidelines in relation to content management on the site.


High quality web design from BBI Brandboost

CNS - The outcome

The Outcome

Cambridge Nutritional Sciences now has a fully operational e-commerce site that offers an excellent user experience for professional users and the public at large. The presentation of content accurately reflects corporate branding and has strong visual impact. BBI Brandboost continues to offer this very satisfied client ongoing advice and support whenever required.

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