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The eClinical Forum is a global network of peers covering a range of clinically related interests. It provides a non‐competitive environment for innovation, learning and collaboration in clinical research. The nature of the organisation's website requires it to be online 24/7, 365. Unfortunately, the previous company hosting their website was hit by a ransomware attack in November 2020, causing the eClinical forum site to be offline for a period of two weeks.

It was during this period that the team at eClinical Forum researched which UK DNN agency could help them get their site back up and running using a cost-effective, expedient and professional approach. As the UK’s leading DNN specialists, DyNNamite (the DNN division of BBI Brandboost) were identified and contacted.

After initial discussions about requirements and how the work was to be carried out DyNNamite was commissioned to resolve eClinical Forum’s website hosting needs.

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The Work

The first task was to get the site back online using the client’s pre-selected hosting platform of Azure. The DyNNamite team used their technical knowledge of DNN and understanding of the Azure platform to bring the site to life.

We then went through the site and carried out bug fixes, version upgrades, form fixes and SendGrid integration.

Furthermore, hosting configuration was completed to provide a backup schedule with all the required work carried out to provide the client with a stable website moving forward.


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EClinical Forum Website Development
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The Outcome

The site was back online within 48 hours and can now be viewed and used as before. The client was delighted with the work undertaken, prompt attention to detail and a speedy resolution to the problem caused by the attack. 

The DyNNamite team was pleased to assist eClinical Forum in getting their site back online after such an unfortunate security attack and is on hand to provide ongoing DNN Support for future development.


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