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Element Six Website Case Study

Element Six website Case studyIn the world of industrial diamonds, Element Six enjoys international leadership and has a fascinating history of innovation and development. BBI Brandboost has been working with this multinational organisation for around 16 years. Most recently projects have involved comprehensive SEO, PPC and Domain Name Management.

Industrial diamonds have a huge range of applications that are sourced through highly specific search terms. The organic SEO we provide for required industry knowledge and an appreciation of how target visitors search. We also demonstrated the ability to work seamlessly on a website we neither designed or host.

PPC (pay-per-click) ads can be an excellent method of fast targeting specific audience groups. BBI Brandboost has been managing a successful PPC campaign for Element 6 targeting North America and Japan. Originally planned as a 2-month campaign starting in early 2013, its success led to an extended programme being launched. Focused PPC campaigns even with a small budget can generate sparkling results.

We undertake ongoing domain name management for Element Six. With hundreds of domain names registered across the world, this is an intensive exercise in trademark & copyright protection.

We believe that our long-standing relationship with Element Six testifies to the consistent value of our web services.

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