Domain Name Management Case Study

Element Six

Element Six

In the world of industrial diamonds, Element Six enjoys international leadership and has a fascinating history of innovation and development in industries from Aerospace to Utilities, Automotive to Defence.

Industrial (synthetic) diamonds have a huge range of applications from precision materials through to optics, sensors and electronics and Element Six is a global leader in their design and development. .

As a global brand, Element Six need to protect their intellectual property in many ways, one of which is Domain Name Management.

BBI Brandboost has been working with this multinational organisation for around 17 years. In addition to Domain Name Management we have assisted Element Six most recently with comprehensive SEO and PPC campaigns.

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The Work

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Domain name management is protecting a brand at both domestic and international level from those who might want to “pass-off” or impinge the brand value which has been developed over years.

Our task was to work alongside the Element Six Legal and IP team to identify core domain names in core counties which should be bought into the Element Six portfolio and managed accordingly.

This activity was registering over 300 domain names in over 17 countries, some of which involved working with local presence to ensure the Element Six brand was protected.

In addition we worked as the agent for Element Six negotiating the purchase of domain names registered by third parties ensuring that our client not only protects their brand but also received value for money.

The Outcome

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BBI Brandboost continues to provide Domain Name Management for Element Six to this day ensuring that their brand IP is protected throughout key countries around the world.

Our service has ensured that the client only needs to liaise with us enabling the BBI Brandboost team do all the ‘leg-work’ required in efficient and robust methods of brand protection.

We believe that our long-standing relationship with Element Six testifies to the consistent value of our web services.

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