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Flat Roofing Supplies & Rooflights

Website with E-commerce Design & Build

Flat Roofing Supplies & Rooflights was a newly launched company supplying a range of high quality flat glass and domed rooflights and roofing trims specifically for flat roof installation. Within these product lines are a number of variations in dimensions, materials and functionality, adding up to a complex and diverse inventory to be presented online.

The client appointed BBI Brandboost to design and build a website which would include an e-commerce facility for purchasing products from their extensive range. The primary target audiences for the web design project were professional roofers, builders and owners of residential and commercial properties where flat roof installations would take place, either as part of a new build, refurbishment or renovation project.

Website with E-commerce Design & Build

The Work

Content creation helped the project

Following close consultation with the client and research into the industry sector, a project scope was produced. The product ranges produced literally hundreds of variables. For instance, rooflights were either fixed or were manufactured for manual or electric opening, with specific installation, ventilation and component requirements for each. Additionally, there were different glazing finishes, clear and diffused, to be considered as well as a number of other glazing options.

This required the products and specifications to be mapped out on an Excel spreadsheet. While it had initially been planned to display these product variations separately, it was ultimately decided to configure the website into sections where the visitor could easily locate and purchase the version of a particular product they required. The priority during the web design process was to make navigation and access to every product offered by Flat Roofing Supplies & Rooflights an effortless and pleasurable experience for the web user.

BBI Brandboost designed and built the website from scratch using the WordPress CMS Platform and Woocommerce. This included presenting a multiplicity of rooflight and roofing trim products and components to best advantage and to enhance the UX for the site.

Our team of copywriters then populated every web section with informative content optimised for search, using the key phrases that had been identified by our SEO researchers as the optimum search terms. The content creation not only described the products and their specifications in detail but also included practical advice on effective and safe flat roof installation based on BBI Brandboost’s industry research.

The Outcome

Professional web design from BBI Brandboost

The website with its e-commerce facility delivered by BBI Brandboost for Flat Roofing Supplies & Rooflights is attractively presented and fully functioning. The Trade and Consumer product ranges are easy to access and the purchasing mechanism is simple and hassle free. The client can also feature special product offers prominently and amend content as required.

The result has been a successful website design, e-commerce and content writing project that created a high quality online presence for a newly launched specialist building sector supplier to promote and sell its extensive range of products.

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