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LPA Website Case Study

LPA Website Case Study The LPA website required redesigning and rebuilding in order to give our client complete control of their website through the implementation of a content management system. At the same time the project demanded delivering a variety of bespoke functionality.

While the website itself does not contain e-commerce functionality and products are not purchased directly through it, a bespoke module was required to catalogue the products in such a way as to show clearly the associations between each one and make the various ranges easy to navigate for end users.

BBI Brandboost also ensured that a secure area was set up within the website where only approved, registered users could download sensitive material.

With a bespoke news module and a fully interactive locations map that LPA can manage by themselves, this website contains a great deal of functionality and features that are not to be found anywhere else; features that were developed to order by BBI Brandboost.

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