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Multinational E-Commerce Development Case Study

With its head office and manufacturing site at Banbury, Oxfordshire, Norbar Torque Tools is recognised as the world’s leading specialist in the design, development and production of torque tightening and measuring equipment. Norbar exports a high percentage of its production and is represented by a global network of companies based in Australia, China, India, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA.

The international nature of Norbar operations meant that content was being produced on the individual websites of proactive local organisations that was not always consistent and could be confusing for customers. From an SEO point of view, this disparity was also counterproductive, since each local office could appear to be competitively vying for attention,

BBI was requested by Norbar to create a web environment that would offer effective central management control without compromising the local value of the content being produced by each of its representative companies. Having worked with Norbar for many years and with an in-depth knowledge of their fascinating business, if anyone could meet this challenge, we could!

web design in High Wycombe by BBI Brandboost

The Work

Website design in High Wycombe

Using the professional version of DNN (Evoq) we created a single website with multiple versions of content to be delivered to specific audiences, depending on the geographic location and language preference of each end user.

So anyone who searches for ‘Norbar’ will see the same listing in Google – pointing them to However, when they arrive at the website they will be presented with content in their own language and the contact details of the local office nearest to them.

Despite the fact that Evoq was supposed to offer this functionality straight out of the box, there were some technical teething troubles and we had to trouble-shoot the CMS in order to show DNN Corp where the failings were and how they should be addressed. DNN Corp took our feedback on board and fixed all of the issues in the next release of the CMS.

As well as working with DNN Corp to build the geo-location based content delivery system used on the Norbar website, our own developers created a great deal of bespoke features for the website, including a product-selector module. We find that when functionality is required on a website, it cannot always be found in elements that are available ‘off-the-shelf.’

This being the case, our clients can be confident that the  BBI team will fully understand their requirements, accurately scope the development project and then deliver it on time and within budget.

The Outcome

Website design in High Wycombe

The Norbar project called upon our bespoke website development expertise to deliver a website that is truly unique. It demonstrated BBI’s abilities in successfully handling multinational, multilingual assignments and our appreciation of complex client requirements.

We have created a new global web environment that seamlessly presents locally, which is easy to manage and provides verifiable UX and SEO benefits.   

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