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Bespoke functionality for a website in the engineering sector

Walton engineering manufactures valves and temperature control systems for marine, industrial, rail and power generation industries. When they first approached the team at BBI Brandboost the Walton Engineering website contained corporate information as you would expect to find on a B2B website, but it lacked any functionality or content to help potential buyers understand the benefits of Walton Engineering’s products.


Walton Engineering had an idea to introduce a “valve selector” module to the website, which would allow end users just by entering one of two simple pieces of information about their requirements to see which of Walton Engineering’s products would be most suitable for them.

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The Work

In simple terms the mathematical formulas that go into the design and manufacture of industrial temperature control systems are extremely complex and needless to say there was no off-the-shelf module available for use on the website.

Due to the fact that this bespoke functionality would require complex calculations, we decided that the best solution would be to rebuild the website in DNN because of its modular nature. Doing so allowed us to create the bespoke valve selector as a standalone module which could be integrated with the new website.


The research and planning that went into this involved not only understanding the business model and targeted audiences but also the technical details from log-log graphs to fluid dynamics.

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The Outcome

The management team at Walton Engineering and their customers have been delighted with the valve selector module since its launch. The functionality is still unique to the Walton Engineering website and has enabled their customers a level of online support that is both bespoke to their needs, and Walton Engineer’s business objectives.

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