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Responsive Web Design

Arguably one of the greatest web developments of the last decade, responsive web design allows users of devices ranging from the largest HD TVs down to the smallest smartphones to gain equal satisfaction in their website viewing experience. Indeed, the most successful responsive websites see visitors returning time and time again from their PCs, tablets and phones as the experience is equally rewarding every time.

Responsive web design adjusts layout and image sizes to best suit the device on which the web content is being viewed. There is no need to scroll sideways, the text remains readable and images do not alter shape.  

BBI Brandboost  recognised the importance of responsive web design at an early stage and has been responsible for designing many responsive sites for clients in a range of industry sectors. It is vitally important that businesses maintain consistency of branding and information quality across all channels of communication.

So our professional team of designers, technicians and creative writers ensure that every responsive website design project displays perfectly and meets the client’s strategic communications objectives in full.

Update: May 15th 2015

Hot on the heels of Google's mobilegeddon algorithm update, Bing has now said that it will follow suit and launch its own update to promote mobile-friendly websites in search.

The jury is still out on how effective mobilegeddon has actually been and the people at Bing say that they will not be attempting to go quite so far as Google's stated aims - in Bing, websites that are still particularly relevant to specific search terms will not be penalised for failing to be mobile-friendly. Quite how this will work in practice is unclear as surely you cannot promote a mobile-friendly website without demoting something else?

Whether search engines carry out their threats or not, the truth is that you should not need to be told that catering to mobile visitors to your website is essential. If you accept that a pocket watch is more convenient than a wall-mounted clock, and that a wristwatch is more convenient still, you already accept that mobile-friendly websites are an improvement on those that can only be viewed on desktops.

In our view, more important than the threat of being moved down search results is actually having the little mobile-friendly label next to your website listing. Where mobile users are concerned, seeing those two little words next to one listing (and missing from another) is enough to make the decision for them on which link to click.

If your website is not mobile-friendly you ARE losing visitors. End. Of.

Update: February 26th 2015

Google has announced that as of April 21st 2015, those websites providing a mobile-friendly experience will be rewarded in search results and those that do not cater for mobile-visitors will be demoted.

Read the update on the official Google blog.

Responsive website design


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