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Website Application Development

Web apps can frequently add tremendous value and functionality to a business website and can cover a wide range of business operations. Web app development comes into its own when clients want to do more with their websites

Creating web apps involves designing, scoping and building an online system which allows websites to be more interactive. Web apps can be a major benefit for a website's users and its stakeholders, customers, prospects and staff.

For example, web application development can be invaluable for:

  • A national association requiring a comprehensive "find a member" database linked directly to its website, searchable by location and service, creating improved communication between website visitors and members.
  • An international business wanting its own on-line web app facility for sending multi-lingual messages to reduce ongoing distribution costs.
  • A business wishing to promote cost-saving efficiencies or environmentally-friendly practices through an interactive calculator. 
  • An insurance company needing to provide real-time prices, generating quotes based upon user input with the ability for the user to order instantly.

 At BBI Brandboost we have years of experience in web app development individually designed for business, using standalone database-driven facilities or linking directly to a legacy system.

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