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Website Development

Whereas website design and redesign are specific end-to-end projects, website development is an ongoing process of upgrading and updating content and functionality. 

This benefits web users with enhanced UX, encourages content sharing and can have a strong and positive impact on SEO. Changes can range from adding the latest company stories to the website newsroom to installing exciting new web functions that encourage interaction and aid navigation.

BBI Brandboost has been carrying out web development projects since 1996 and our team benefits from both technical and marketing experience. We not only know how to develop new website functionality, but can advise our clients on what should be done for their specific business and why they should do it to attract target web users.

We are not only concerned with the performance of the functions we deploy but also with their potential marketing benefits and implications for the client’s business profitability.

Web communications focus

BBI Brandboost believes that the website should be at the heart of a company’s online communications and is essential for increasing brand awareness and accessibility to the company’s B2B or B2C offering.

Effective website development can:

  • Promote the individual characteristics of a company, its products and services
  • Incorporate the scalability to take in business expansion
  • Create the flexibility to meet ongoing operational requirements and changes in market demands
  • Present content in the best way to attract target users and enhance their UX
  • Provide a trouble-free journey to the information they require or the transaction/purchase that they wish to undertake
  • Supply clients with the ability to easily administer and control their website content

Mobile developments

The widespread use of mobiles to access online content requires websites that are responsively designed or in some cases specifically designed for mobiles. BBI Brandboost handles web development projects for both responsive and dedicated mobile sites across a range of sectors, with an emphasis on the B2B environment.

Being experienced marketers as well as technical web specialists, our team also has insights into the strategies that need to be taken into account when developing website functionality.

Effective website development can:

  • Respond to the requirements of both mobile and desktop users
  • Act on knowledge about target user device preferences in different situations (e.g. searching on desktops at work, smartphones during the morning and evening commute and tablets at home)
  • Enable the incorporation of web apps and functionality to meet target user demands and expectations when communicating on different devices.

Platforms for communication

While we are experienced in using platforms such as Drupal, WordPress and TypO3, DNN (aka DotNetNuke) is our preferred web development CMS. We are not only long-standing web developers in the empowering and innovative DNN environment but have also been proactively involved with initiating improvements to the platform.

Similarly, when developing e-commerce facilities we strongly favour Magento for its exceptional flexibility and functionality.

BBI Brandboost provides an expert team of online communication and marketing specialists with a range of individual skills and knowledge to bring to website development projects. We know how to make the client’s strategic and tactical business objectives work for them.

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