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Website Development

Our website development services include

Our Services Include:

  • Taking time to understand your business & its objectives accounting for stakeholders, targets and prospects
  • Create a strategic approach to develop solutions in order to enhance your website
  • Create the flexibility to meet ongoing operational requirements and changes in market demands
  • Present content in the best way to attract target users and enhance their UX
  • Supply clients with the ability to easily administer and control their website content through bespoke functionality
  • Continually promote the individual characteristics of your company, its products and services
  • Enable the incorporation of web apps and functionality to meet target user demands and expectations

What is Website Development?

What is Website Development?

Whereas website design and redesign are specific end-to-end projects, website development is an ongoing process of upgrading and updating content and functionality.

This benefits web users with enhanced UX, encourages content sharing and can have a strong and positive impact on SEO, through generating user friendly content and interactive applications.

A website that stays relevant can enhance brand perception and cultivate a loyal audience through effective messaging. Through this, it can lower website bounce rate, drive continuous user traffic to your site, and increase the number of return visitors. In today’s changing world of online communications, proactive website development is essential for maintaining and growing your business.

Web Development in High Wycombe by BBI Brandboost

Why Choose BBI Brandboost?

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At BBI Brandboost, we take the time to understand a business and its goals, both short and long term. So before we take on any web development project, we will establish a client’s business objectives and comprehensively research their target markets and competitors.

Undertaking this process ascertain what improvements should be made to enhance the user experience of you website. This could be through creating an online application, an added e-commerce feature or by upgrading to the website architecture. Whatever recommendations we make will be fully in line with your specific business objectives and budget.

Our strategic approach to website development enables us to ensure websites continually evolve to respond to the continually changing online environment. BBI Brandboost believes that the website should be at the heart of a company’s online communications and is essential for increasing brand awareness and providing accessible and informative content about products and services.

Clients are welcome to visit our offices in High Wycombe. Buckinghamshire and meet our in-house team of online communication and marketing specialists. We have brought many successful web development projects to fruition and know how to make a client’s strategic and tactical business objectives really work for them.

Website Development Delivered

While our operations team delivering web development in High Wycombe is experienced in using platforms such as Concrete5, WordPress and TypO3, DNN (aka DotNetNuke) is our preferred web development CMS. We are not only long-standing web developers in the empowering and innovative DNN environment but have also been proactively involved with initiating improvements to the platform with DNN Corp. Similarly, when developing e-commerce facilities we strongly favour Magento for its exceptional flexibility and functionality.

Although we use a variety of website development platforms, we find that DNN is the most easy to administer, flexible and SEO-friendly CMS on the market.

The flexibility and versatility of DNN provides powerful development tools for building great websites that are full of interactivity and are at the cutting-edge of technological performance…  Read More

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