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Website Design

website design

Our Services Include:

  • Initial SEO research to help inform decisions on content and structure.
  • Current website analysis - again informing content choice and UX.
  • Schematics, wireframes and initial designs produced in consultation with you.
  • Final design & site structure produced on a leading content management system.
  • Extensive testing prior to launch ensuring usability on all major browsers - desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.
  • Full training for administrators prior to launch.
  • Domain names and hosting handled to ensure a smooth launch.
  • Ongoing support and SEO programmes are available if required.

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Our Process

At BBI Brandboost, we have been designing and building websites since 1996 and our ethos focuses around understanding not only the client and their business objectives, but their target demographic. It is through understanding the desired audience that website design can flourish, and engagement levels rise. This in turn, can lead to further brand recognition, increased ROI and higher levels of traffic being driven to your website.

Web design trends are continually changing and simply buying an off-the-shelf design can have negative implications for your business. At BBI Brandboost, we not only take the time to create a bespoke design for your website, but do so with SEO objectives built into the online architecture. This allows your website to be not only UX friendly and easily navigated, but also easily found through search engine results.

Effective website design requires producing a bespoke site that can be developed and updated to meet new market demands or business growth. Creating the initial design features and functionality involves knowing the client’s audience focus, and researching the best way to reach and engage with this specific market.

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Why choose BBI Brandboost?

BBI Brandboost can provide a wide range of website design and development skills to enhance the effectiveness of your web presence. We would use our significant experience in working on B2B and B2C projects across many market sectors to benefit your individual business requirements and objectives. Based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, BBI Brandboost's talented in-house web design team of technicians and marketing strategists delivers both a wealth of creativity and a strong practical focus to the production and presentation of web content.

Our proactive support and our range of open-source CMS tools will also ensure that you can make the upgrades and updates necessary to keep your web presence fresh, accessible, targeted, newsworthy and full of impact.

We offer years of knowledge and industry research on how people use websites and what they expect from them. In a continually changing online environment, these factors have proved to be invaluable assets in developing the structure, mapping, design and the online positioning of client websites and the way that they are styled and configured to evolve with the times.

In this fast-moving and highly competitive industry, falling behind the curve is simply not an option. In order to thrive and survive, the importance of delivering high quality website design and development services that have a reach and penetration of desired markets is imperative.

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