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Managed Hosting

Our business grade website hosting solutions are designed to meet a very wide variety of business demands. Options range in categories and cost from the basic shared environments up to more complex dedicated systems with managed hosting that maximizes opportunities for flexibility, growth and development.

BBI Brandboost delivers state-of-the-art server solutions that incorporate high security protection, including specialist firewall and anti-virus technology with options on virtual web space and data transmission to suit your business needs and budget.
Our enterprise level managed hosting services can be summarised by the word PASS, the letters standing for Protection, Accessibility, Scalability and Support!  


  • The solutions we offer are fully resilient with multiple layers of redundancy to ensure that your content is safe.
  • Secure firewall protection is backed up by consistent monitoring for viruses and other hazards
  • Data is securely stored in a remote enterprise-class data centre which provides a fully air-conditioned environment, UPS (Unlimited Power Supply) and stand-by diesel generator power back-up.
  • The remote data storage centre provides CCTV and on-site security staff in operation 24/7.
  • Content belonging to clients of our managed hosting services is further backed up via the cloud for additional security.


  • Managed hosting content benefits from fully resilient network connectivity, provided by multiple routed fibre connections, which guarantees 99.9% availability.
  • Frequent back-ups and updates are undertaken to ensure that information can be retrieved.
  • We back up nightly on-server, off-server locally and off-server remotely via the cloud.


  • Our managed hosting solutions provide the flexibility to ensure that websites can be scalable and adaptable to meet current client requirements in terms of content and structure.
  • We supply in-house technical expertise for problem solving and to perform necessary changes and upgrades rapidly and professionally.


  • A dedicated account manager is available to each managed hosting client for advice on all aspects of website management.
  • The client account manager is backed up by an in-house team that is fully informed about each specific managed hosting account, so that service in seamless if the main contact is absent, such as when on annual leave.

Similarly to taking out insurance, enterprise level managed hosting brings peace of mind to the website owner and eliminates the problems and pitfalls that can emerge with basic hosting levels that can be very inflexible. 

BBI Brandboost managed hosting solutions provide continual business grade resources and exceptional specialist services to the client, while effectively safeguarding their web content at all times.


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