Browsing the Internet as you go about your day, you can't miss the abundance of poorly crafted websites. Quality website design requires an eye for detail, colours and fonts yet some website designers fail to touch on these very basic points. Visitors are turned off by a badly designed website and it's worth making sure that you keep your visitors happy (and your ego boosted!). So, let's look at a few of the main web design mistakes that must be avoided.

1. Poor website navigation

Every visitor that comes to your website should be able to find what they are looking for in under three clicks or else you risk losing them. Well thought out navigation can keep your visitors around for longer, thus decreasing bounce rates. Navigation should be as simple as possible. Do not expect your visitor to know where to go, you must guide them.

2. Unclear landing pages

It is very likely that your visitors will not land on your home page or even type it in. More likely, they will have done a quick Google search and you will present yourself to them on another section reached at random. Landing pages need to inform visitors about the subject for which they serached, otherwise they will soon go elsewhere.

3. Overly long pages

While there may be a few times when a very long page is required, it is best to keep web pages at a sensible length. Users do not want to keep flicking that scroll mouse button to read. If you find yourself doing that on your own website, then why not split the page up to make extra pages for your site? Not only will it keep your visitors happy, but it will mean one more indexed pages on Google for your visitors to land on.

4. Slow web pages

The online world is not a patient one. We want information and we want it now! What this means is that you must make sure that every single pixel is optimised for the web. Reduce your image file sizes down as much as possible and use the correct types - JPG for photos and GIF for simple images. PNG do provide the best transparency, but you may find you can reduce the size down more by keeping a white background on a GIF. In other words, it's use whatever format is necessary for your image.

5. Out of date information

A classic sign of a website not being kept up to date is the copyright date usually found in the footer. You should periodically review your content to make sure it is kept up to date.

A good way to ensure that you website works correctly right off the bat is to have a checklist to tick off to ensure you have all your bases covered so as to keep your visitors happy. We will talk about this in a forthcoming article.

In the meantime, if you are considering a new website and would like to talk through the best ways of ensuring it delivers a great user experience while also meeting its aims and objectives, please give us a call or 01494 452600 or drop us a line.