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Schwank PR

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Schwank PR

With its headquarters based in Germany, Schwank is a world leading manufacturer of gas-fired infrared radiant heaters. Schwank UK has been a client of BBI Brandboost since 2002, utilising a range of our services including SEO, content writing, social networking, email marketing and ecommerce website design.

From the outset, PR (public relations) has been a key service we have provided for Schwank UK. The objective has been to communicate the high quality, excellent performance, energy efficiency and environmental benefits of Schwank’s broad range of HVAC products and systems.

With Schwank HVAC applications in operation across many sectors, from distribution centres to sports stadiums and from aircraft hangars to pubs and restaurants, there has been a wide variety of potential target markets to influence.

The Work

The Work

PR has been focused on specialist media serving the HVAC sector, vertical markets, the energy industry and facilities management. A key role has been played by the production of in-depth technical and opinion forming editorial articles, frequently generic in style but carrying an authorship by-line from the MD of Schwank UK.

There have been regular articles on energy related products in the HVAC industry printed and online media in tandem with the distribution of news releases on company products and applications.  There have also been articles produced for vertical media on specific installations, including the support of case study material.

Given Schwank’s leading industry positioning and strong reputation for manufacturing excellence, opportunities have also been created to comment on industry issues such as EU energy efficiency related directives. This has been actioned through using targeted media, social networks and blogs related to the topics in question.

The Outcome

The Outcome

PR is a continuing communications process and its benefits feed in to the other services that we provide for Schwank.

Good contacts have been established with targeted media and focused strategies have resulted in high quality content reaching the audiences the client wishes to inform and influence.

Successes achieved by the PR programme for Schwank have been partly due to the integrated approach to marketing that we have been able to offer this client.

We believe that PR works best when it synergises with other marketing and web based initiatives. BBI Brandboost has the teamwork skills and expertise to offer this holistic approach and has achieved excellent results through its application.

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