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Social Media Marketing

Engaging with target audiences through social media marketing is an important element of inbound marketing. It requires producing excellent and focused content – valuable information, practical tips, entertaining anecdotes, terrific copy, stunning images, great videos - and expertise in establishing the best means and channels by which to present it.

Each social media network attracts audiences for different reasons and requires different social media marketing strategies. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn groups, Google+ communities, blogs and other channels each have an SEO value, but this will vary depending on the business and its target markets. Communication through social media marketing once started needs to be regular and designed to stimulate engagement, which in turn has a positive effect on SEO as well as building a loyal following. One key piece of advice is that it is generally better to focus on a preferred channel or channels rather than spread your message too thinly!

Social media marketing is part of the full service BBI Brandboost offers and part of the recipe for success online. We have a great deal of experience in social media marketing and we know what will work well for businesses across a wide range of sectors, because we have tried and tested different approaches over time. We can therefore develop options for social engagement tailored to suit a wide range of budgets and business requirements.

Services we provide include:

  • Social profile management: Handing the updating and engagement opportunities of corporate and company spokespeople’s social network profiles
  • Social media monitoring: Tracking social media for comments, reviews and openings to join relevant conversations with B2B and consumer targets
  • Strategic planning: Providing statistics and demographic information to assist in building social media strategies
  • Community building: Joining existing communities and creating new groups of business targets and industry interests on relevant social media channels
  • Reporting and analysis: Supplying regular information and analysis on all information relating to the client’s social media strategy, including data on followers and progress with engagement
  • Content development: Producing and continually updating great content, designed to entertain, fascinate and meet SEO objectives for demonstrating social engagement, thus driving target traffic to the client website

We believe that an integrated approach is required to promote business engagement. Communication strategies need to consider a range of factors such as SEO, inbound marketing, content marketing, PR and social networking for business. This needs the kind of teamwork and strategic thinking that BBI Brandboost can offer your business to fulfil your social media marketing objectives.

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